hi! welcome to my commission info! :D

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Current Status:


recent price changes will take place in 2023.

please dm me on twitter for enquiries: @vaempy



I currently will only be taking commissions for rigging!

I will rig your model for vtubing in Live2D. my rigs are only compatible with Vtube Studio.

Rig Will Include:
everything you expect from a full body rig + 4 simple expressions (happy, angry, sad)


examples are currently in the works, new ones added soon!

vaempy: (August 2022)

yuzulemon: (September 2022)

sakuruh: (September 2022) showcase not made yet



I only offer full body rigging now.

Full Body: $1000 USD BASE PRICE 3 sticker emotion toggles free. (delivery 2 - 6 weeks) rigs with a lot of extra stuff can take up to 3 months. please bare that in mind.


additional costs:

★ design complexity: $20-$400 USD

★ ears, tail, horns, wings etc: $10-$70 USD extra

add on costs:

★ Emotions: $10-$40USD variance is calculated on whether animation is needed + complexity of the emotion

★ Idle Tail/Wing/Animal Ear Animation: $50-$100. please make sure to pick between idle or advanced!

★ ADVANCED tail physics, like my current model, will swish on idle, go up when you smile, wag faster when you smile, this can also be put on a hotkey for personal preference. $150 USD

★ Hair Toggle/Change: $60-$200 USD depending on complexity.

★ Clothing Toggle (jacket, scarf, glasses etc): $20-$200 USD, complexity effects price

★ per outfit toggle $150-$500USD. depends on complexity. each extra outfit is a new additional charge. more than 2 = larger costs due to the increased complexity of the rig.

★ full vbridger mouth (pucker, lip press, mouth x, mouth funnel, mouth shrug) $150 (IOS + Vbridger tracking only)★Cheek puff: $30★Tongue Out: $70

★ Arm Toggles: $50-200 USD. this depends on animation, clothing, props etc

★ extra animations/pets/props etc will cost extra, price varies depending on complexity! please discuss these with me prior to commissioning.


please read the TOS before contacting :D by commissioning me you automatically agree to these terms.

★ refunds are not possible and all transactions will be final.

★ you have full ownership of the funds you send in this transaction.

★ You will provide a 100% complete fully cut PSD file.

★ I will NOT sell or share the Live2D file (moc3.) at any stage.

★ updates can be requested, but please do not rush me.

★ if you ARE in a rush, a rush fee can be paid, this will put you at the top of the queue. depending on how rushed it is, the rush fee will cost an extra 25%-70% of the commission price of your model, and also depends on how soon you need it done.

★ revisions can be requested at any stage before I have completely finished your rig

★ I have the right to refuse service at any time.

★ If I have to cancel at any time, which is highly unlikely, a full refund will be made.

★ I can use the rigging as an example in my portfolio once completed.

★ You will credit me where applicable (posts, credits panel, twitter etc.)

★ I should be able to give you an estimated time for completion, otherwise expect the order within the set time frame stated for each type.

★If you are planning to keep your debut a surprise or secret, please let me know so I do not spoil anything by posting snippets of rigging on my twitter! :DD

★ Payments are to be made via PayPal or Wise only.

★ If you decide to commission me the full payment will be paid upfront.

★ If your rig comes to over 2k USD you can opt for a 50% upfront and 50% once complete.

★ I will send an invoice via PayPal, it will come with a 5% transaction fee.

★ prices are always subject to change, I will always confirm prices with you before sending an invoice.